About LinaNoel


Native New York artist, Lina Noel presents a collection of wearable sculpture. Juxtaposing together the style of her European heritage with iconic images of city glamour, each hand-carved piece embodies organic forms of nature. The Linanoel collection is known for its chic, classy, fun, quality pieces meant for everyday wear. Lina merges together new and vintage styles to create unique designs that are sure to catch the eye. 


What makes Linanoel special is, each wearer has the opportunity to participate in the design process, embracing the true art of collaboration. Bring Lina your own charms and watch the process magically unfold as a one of a kind piece or just take away something pure Linanoel. Lina proudly supports the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphans Project by making Rhino and Elephant charm necklaces and donating 100% of the proceeds. “Jewelry is an extension of ourselves and because it makes us feel special, I decided to begin custom making it.”- Lina Noel


Lina Noel has been greatly influenced by art her whole life. She pulls inspiration from many different sources, of course NYC’s streets being one of them. More personally, her adoration for women and her friends, musicians and actors alike, inspire her a great deal. Lina believes all women are different which is why she hand carves from wax so every piece of jewelry is unique.